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When Bob Edwards started out over 50 years ago, he gave his customers the kind of service that they would tell their friends and family about. We continue to put you first. You make our success possible at Dead Bug Edwards. We are never too busy to take the time to tell you thank you for your business. We look forward to serving you.

Both drywood termites and subterranean termites are native to South Florida. Dead Bug Edwards specializes in treatments for both types of termites. We offer top quality termite control services and all work is warranted. Additionally, Dead Bug Edwards offers inspection services and FREE estimates.

Whether you are looking for a general household pest control program for your residence, or a full commercial package, Dead Bug Edwards can tailor a pest control program to your individual needs. We also specialize in Marina and Boat Pest Control Programs and service from the Palm Beaches to Miami Dade Counties. Pest control would also include Rodent Control which can range from Rodent Proofing of structures, trapping these elusive critters and finally baiting the perimeters of your property to maintain control.

Dead Bug Edwards also offers a complete range of lawn and ornamental services to keep your property looking top notch. We offer yearly maintenance programs for your turf and ornamentals that can be tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we offer specialized services that include Whitefly treatments, weed control, tick and fleas, and fungus. Contact us today to get your FREE estimate.

Since 1959, Dead Bug Edwards has been offering a full range of Pest Control services.


2 termite species mate, create menace for South Florida 

Sun Sentinel Article

Bruce Edwards, owner and president of Dead Bug Edwards, a Plantation pest control company that specializes in termites, said treatments exist that are effective and long-lasting, and he doubts they would be any different for this new termite. His company treats such termites by placing bait in underground containers around the house, so the termites take the poison back to their colonies, resulting in the destruction of the queen and the colony.

“From a termite-control perspective, the treatment is going to be the same because it’s a subterranean species,” he said. “There might be some subtle differences, but I doubt very seriously it would change the method of attacking them.”